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  1. I loved the Royal Road to Romance, having read it twice. I look forward to following you adventure. When you are on the spine of Mont Blanc, please pause to spit a mile!

    Godspeed and carpe diem!

  2. Sarah,

    You aren’t really departing from Halliburton’s’ modus operandi. He frequently altered his plans and rerouted his courses to fit his moods and/or business goals. An example was when, after feeling unduly pressured by the timeline he had set to follow the adventures of Ulysses his The Glorious Adventure book, he vowed to never again be so restricted. Characteristically, he violated that oath as conditions made it advantageous to do so.

    Another example was when, like you, he interrupted his travels during his New Worlds to Conquer adventures to return to the U.S. for an ambitious multi-month lecture tour after which resumed conquering new worlds by re-living Robinson Crusoe’s idyll on the island of Tobago then flying to Devils Island to complete his list of adventures for his new book.

    I am looking forward to your Chinese reports.

    Bill Taylor

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