Breaking the Radio Silence

Hi friends!  Long time no see.  My apologies for the extended silence, but know that Richard Halliburton and this whole crazy adventure have never been far from my mind.  It’s just that I’ve had to spend some time focusing on my responsibilities at home as opposed to my irresponsibilities abroad.

Years ago, when I first started planning Uneven Tenor, I envisioned a single, solid chunk of extended travel where I would vagabond my way around the world a la Richard Halliburton on his Royal Road to Romance.  Little did I know I would wind up in love, engaged, planning a wedding, moving to a new city, and trying to maintain my career in the middle of it all.

Life can sure throw some wonderful curve balls.

At any rate, here’s the skinny.

Since returning from China in December, Ryan and I have been eking out a living in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Yes, eking out.  Basement apartment, selling plasma, working as a cashier–it hasn’t been pretty. But change is in the air!  I landed a temporary position with the EPA doing wetlands hydrology work, while Ryan successfully defended his Ph.D. and has secured post-doctoral research funding for the next couple years.

That means we’re moving to Boulder, Colorado!  Ah, Boulder, our pretentious neighbor to the south, where rent is double what it is in Fort Collins and yoga studios dot every block.


The big, bad city of Boulder, Colorado.  (Credit:

In all seriousness, we’re excited about the move.  We love Fort Collins but it’s feeling a bit stale, and Boulder is that much closer to all the things we love: rock climbing, skiing, hiking, biking, hockey, and, of course, the airport.

So what does all this mean for Uneven Tenor?  It means that I’ll have the money and time to travel again later this year!

I’ve been diligently travel hacking for the past year and have earned roughly 170,000 airline points without spending a dime, enough to cover round trip airfare to pretty much anywhere in the world.  So, then, where shall I go?

The plan is pretty vague at this point, but I’m envisioning six weeks of travel (eight if I can convince Ryan to join me) in Singapore, Bali, Borneo and Sarawak.  The weather should be decent, the crowds low, and the price right.


Bali looks terrible.  Just horrible.  (Credit:

Sounds nice, but the recreations will be very difficult.  I mean, Halliburton spent a month living on the beach in Bali!  How can I possibly face such a challenge??!  I don’t yet know, but I promise you all I will try my best.

Thanks to all of you, my wonderful readers, for sticking with me during this period of low activity.  I’ll be posting about my travel plans throughout the summer, then the real fun (and the drool-worthy photos) will begin again around October.




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  1. Sounds like an excellent plan!

  2. Glad to see that you are still alive and kicking. Go for it, Sarah!

  3. Hello again Sarah,

    Breaking the silence? And here I thought you were just emulating Halliburton a la Rip Van Winkle. Singapore, Bali, Borneo and Sarawak sound voluptuous but I imagine there are vast differences in culture and outward appearances compared to Halliburton’s day, especially in the high rises of Singapore. You may have to dodge the motorized beach buggies on the beaches of Bali and all traces of the Brooke family’s royal reign in Sarawak may already have been committed to oblivion. However, these inevitable changes for the “better” will at least provide you with grist for comparing the modern with what are now the quaint vintages of Halliburton’s day.

    Congratulations on managing to have found the even tenor of love, engagement and a wedding. Uneven tenor, as you have found, has its appeal but even tenor can be fascinating and rewarding also.

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