Note: I have yet to find a map plugin that will let me combine the information presented here in three separate maps–if you know of one, let me know!

Below are two outline maps showing which Uneven Tenor destinations I’ve made it to so far (green), which ones I have yet to visit (purple), and which ones I won’t be visiting (red) due to reasons of safety or logistics.

***Total countries to visit: 36        ***Countries I’ve visited so far: 17    

countries_map countries_map_asia

Note that this is not a comprehensive list of all the places Richard Halliburton went.  I’m leaving out his New World destinations since I’ve traveled extensively in the Americas already; I’m omitting places he merely passed through during his round-the-world airplane journey; and I’m not including his unpublished travels.  I had to set limits for myself somewhere, or I’ll never finish the trip!

Finally, below is an interactive map of the places I’ve been so far.  Click on the pins to find blog posts I’ve written about those destinations.


  1. Trip looks like a lot of fun. You’re going to have a few immigration issues no doubt. One thing we came across in our travels last year was stories of people having problems gaining entry to Malaysia after they had visited Israel. Once you have an Israeli stamp and have exited you could run into trouble. This may also now include other countries in the region but you will need to contact your foreign office for up to date information. They may well also provide you with the official line on travelling in certain fractious nations and should be taken as another source of information (but not necessarily as the definitive source).

    One way around this of course would be to ‘lose’ your passport and get a replacement after the contentious countries have been passed, but for this you will need to budget both time and money and have a suitable embassy en-route. To replace my passport in Thailand (for other reasons) would have meant the Hong Kong office would process the application and issue the paperwork. It’s not an overnight consideration.

    Hope this helps. Good luck, safe journeys and happy travels.

    • Hi Brianne,
      Thanks for commenting! After looking at all the visa considerations, I’ve decided to skip Myanmar on this trip, and fly directly from India to either Thailand or Singapore. And I have read a lot about the issues with visiting Israel before other countries. Based on my research so far, I haven’t seen any Malaysian policies regarding Israel, so it’s good to know it might be an issue. I’ve also read that Israel now [as of 2013] stamps a “tourist card” and doesn’t leave a mark in your passport, so, assuming that’s true, I should be okay. Many Middle Eastern countries won’t let me in if I’m stamped from any countries neighboring Israel, including Egypt, so I had to rearrange that whole section of my trip to make sure I visit Israel *after* all of the Israel-sensitive countries. It’s a logistical pain, but I’m so excited about Israel!
      Thanks again for leaving a comment, and I hope you follow along!

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