Series: How to Start Traveling

Like most dedicated travelers, my vagabonding ways often spark conversations about how I get to travel.  Most people chalk it up to luck, youth, wealth and a variety of other external factors.  But the truth is I am able to travel because of a set of internal factors:  passion, determination, courage, perspective and more.  This “How to Start Traveling” series of posts will explore the most common reactions I get when people hear about my past and future adventures.  The posts will cover:

Note:  I am writing this series for and about the kind of people that read travel blogs.  Therefore, when I say “you can afford to travel”, I’m assuming you’re not homeless, and when I say “travel is a choice” I’m assuming you’re not reading this from death row.  It’s not because these populations should be ignored, but rather because I can’t address every possible situation.  “How To” articles are inherently general.  If you feel I’m way off the mark in any of these statements, please let me know in the comments and we can discuss it!



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  1. Christophe Robet

    I just wondered ( from one NATIVE to another ) how you are going to afford it. I have a friend who hitch-hiked to Vancouver, and down to Tijuana, all States in the West, with .67 in his pocket, and people helped him. BUT that was in 1970 … Cheers, and travel well … Musefyre

    • Hi Chris,

      I can afford it because I’ve always been good at saving money, even in grad school! I’m keeping track of how much I spend so at the end of different segments of the trip I’ll have “budgets” other people might be able to use to help them plan–check back every so often for details! -Sarah-

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