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The idea for this project came to me while hiking in the Colorado foothills in 2011, and now, three years later, I’m finally on my way to making it happen.

The project will celebrate the life of the famous explorer and adventurer Richard Halliburton.  The joy he found in the world around him, and his appreciation for the history of the places he visited, was conveyed to millions of people through his timeless books.

The Uneven Tenor project seeks to rekindle that same sense of history, exploration and connectedness in today’s travelers, both the active and armchair variety, via a journey around the world to recreate Richard’s  adventures.

Richard Halliburton with two fishermen before swimming across the Sea of Galilee

Richard Halliburton with two fishermen before swimming across the Sea of Galilee

Richard was an avid adventurer who traveled the world in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and then wrote popular books about it all, starting with The Royal Road to Romance in 1925.  He tackled the world head on, determined to enjoy and experience every facet of life that he could get his hands on, from flying a plane around the world, to spending a month lazing on a houseboat in the Vale of Kashmir, climbing the Matterhorn, and riding an elephant over the Alps.  I intend to replicate as many of his adventures as I can (yes, even the elephant), with a healthy portion of my own detours and shenanigans thrown in.

The name of the project is taken from a letter home to his dad in 1919.  You can read the full quote here.  It’s long but completely epic, and I promise it’s worth the read.  The best line from it is this one:

“When impulse and spontaneity fail to make my ‘way’ as uneven as possible then I shall sit up at nights inventing means of making life as conglomerate and vivid as possible.”

And so, in the spirit of that quote, I will travel the world by foot, bicycle, ship, train, car, plane and motorcycle, using his books as my guide through Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the South Pacific, and I will make my life as uneven as possible along the way.

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  1. Amazing, in awe and I am ecstatic for you and cannot wait to trek along in mind, spirt and if ever possible in reality! Wow. What a great journey you are to embark upon!

  2. Wow!! This looks awesome!! You just brought this to my attention on Twitter during #rtwchat…You really WILL be recreating history! I can’t wait to follow along on your journey! Good luck!

  3. I met you at the Buchanan Rec Center while in the hot tub there. Your adventure sounds so exciting I will be living vicariously through you I’m sure. Stay safe and have a marvelous time!

  4. Good luck to you! We’ll be toasting you at rounds tonight.

  5. I was one of millions of Halliburton fans who early on thrilled to his adventures and was introduced to architecture, geography, history, art, tenacity, adventure, the will to succeed, and intellectualism by devouring his seven best-sellers. He had a great influence upon my life and was the spiritual driving force behind much I have accomplished in the writing and engineering worlds. I am excited to see Halliburton’s travels and spirited writings have inspired Sarah so much that she wishes to emulate him and duplicate his globe trottings. Twenty some years ago Halliburton was virtually, inexplicably forgotten in spite of his extraordinary 1920s/1930s world fame. I felt it was time to attempt to repay my considerable debt to him by thoroughly researching his life then writing a comprehensive biography to help introduce him to present day adventurers. My book, “A Shooting Star Meets the Well of Death, How and Why Richard Halliburton Conquered the World,” was released on Amazon December 2013. Sarah is taking the cause many steps further, figuratively and literally. She deserves our admiration and all the support she can get.

    • Thanks for the support, Bill! By the way, I’m about a quarter of the way through your book and love it so far–great work! Sarah

      • Thank YOU Sarah for your kind comments about my book and thanks for giving such impetus to my favorite subject, Richard Halliburton through your imaginative venture and your refreshing vitality. Certainly one of Halliburton’s driving motivations was to celebrate his Youth while he had it. You are carrying on his philosophy in an admirable manner.

  6. It was a pleasure intersecting your path in Jordan! All the best on the rest of your journey and travels!

  7. Bless you, Sarah, and please be careful… or more careful at least. Halliburton was my childhood hero and has shaped my thought processes, if not my life, ever since. I am so pleased to have found others who appreciate..!

    Go forth… “lie on a wind-swept beach and fling monkeys at the coconuts…”

  8. Se existe algo que sempre penso em fazer… este conteúdo define bem um sonho que sempre habita meus pensamentos.
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