Quick update

Plans have changed a bit recently, and for reasons too boring to explain in detail I am unable to charge my computer this week, so instead of the usual lengthy story I am going to post the briefest of updates:

  1. The Matterhorn is currently covered in snow (more than usual), so my ascent has been bumped to the 13th of August.
  2. With my week opened up I went to the Vosges Mountains in France and hiked the highest peak there…
  3. …then cruised on down to Montreux, Switzerland where the sun finally came out!  I’m fully enjoying this beautiful paradise, especially today:  it’s Swiss National Day!
  4. You should hear from me in a few days once I reach Zurich and (hopefully) have power again.
  5. If you don’t follow Uneven Tenor on Facebook, you should!  I post little updates there frequently, along with all the other amazing photos that didn’t fit in the blog posts.

Until next time!


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  1. Hi Sarah.
    I’m really enjoying your blog! And I have to tell you about my 89 year old father. He is enjoying your blog, as well! He has read and owns all the Richard Halliburton books, so when I told him what you were doing, he was thrilled. I email him a link to each new post (he’s not exactly computer savvy). He told me today that he prints them out (not eco-savvy either) and puts each blog post into the Halliburton book at the spot in the book where Richard went on your same adventure. I thought that was quite cute! You should know that he can’t believe “that girl” is doing all of this alone. He’s of the age where he thinks women need men protecting them. :) Anyway, thanks for entertaining all of us!
    Dyanne Willow

    • Oh my gosh, Dyanne, that is so cool! Thank you for sharing my story with him, and his story with me! Ask him if he recalls Richard’s friend Jimmy, a girl he met in Italy cruising around on her own in a powder-blue Rolls Royce; or Elly Beinhorn, the German aviatrix who was flying around the world on her own in the 1920’s and met Richard along the way. Now those were some impressive women! Again, so cool that you both are following along–thanks again!

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