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Ten Survival Tips for Travel in China

I’m no novice traveler, but China still threw me for a loop. Every time I thought I understood something, China would pull the rug right... Read More

How advice for solo female travelers is harming women

Two writers I follow recently published blog articles providing tips for women traveling on their own. One is a generic travel advice post, and the other... Read More

Carry-On Travel Packing List Review

There are countless online article about what to pack for travel, including my own here, but there are very few articles that revisit the subject... Read More

What to do in Jordan for two weeks

When I mentioned that I was going to spend two weeks in Jordan, people (the neighboring Israelis in particular) were aghast. What could I possibly... Read More

How much does travel cost?

I’m one of those people who habitually keeps track of everything numeric, from the number of sit-ups I complete in a week, to the amount... Read More

How to trek Ethiopia's Simien Mountains independently

A friend and I recently spent three days and three nights trekking through the Simien Mountains without a tour group. Figuring out the logistics was... Read More

How to see the Banksy artwork in Bethlehem (with maps!)

When you step off the bus in Bethlehem, Palestine, you’ll immediately be beset by taxi drivers looking to take you around to all the Banksy... Read More

How to get from Israel to Amman via the Jordan River Crossing

There are three border crossings into Jordan from Israel, but there’s really only one good option if your destination is Amman. The southern border (Eilat... Read More

How to hike Jebel El-Kelaa, Chefchaouen, Morocco

Any guidebook or website about Chefchaouen will mention the hiking possibilities in the Rif Mountains, those hills that rise up immediately behind the blue town. ... Read More

How to climb Mount Olympus, Greece

On the list of iconic mountains of the world, Mount Olympus surely has a place.  Not only is it a geographically impressive peak, rising straight... Read More

Hiking the Rheinsteig - a guide for foreigners

The Rheinsteig is a 190 mi (320 km) network of walking trails following the Rhine (Rhein) River in Germany from Bonn to Wiesbaden.  The network... Read More

Carry-On Travel Packing List for Long-Term Travel

**NOTE: Be sure to read my post-travel review of this packing list to see what worked and what didn’t** It’s T minus 1 week until... Read More

Don't be an insufferable travel snob

I think it’s fair to say that travelers are an excitable bunch.  We’re passionate people and we like to share that passion with others.  Unfortunately,... Read More

Part II: "Getting to" travel

When people hear about how much I travel, I get a few predictable comments in return.  On the list is the classic, “Wow, you’re so lucky... Read More

Part I: The excuses we make and how to stop making them

This is the first installation of my “How To Start Traveling Series”.  Read more here.  ~~~ I pretty much only travel solo, and while that used... Read More

Series: How to Start Traveling

Like most dedicated travelers, my vagabonding ways often spark conversations about how I get to travel.  Most people chalk it up to luck, youth, wealth... Read More

How to keep feeling sexy on the road

This is easily the most superficial post I’ve ever written, but gosh darn it, feeling good about yourself is important!  And despite the title, I’m... Read More

Blog Jargon 101 (with illustrations!)

Six months ago when I started this blog, I found myself wandering the hallways of the internet trying to figure out how the heck to... Read More

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