The author on the summit of a peak in Colorado

The author on the summit of a peak in Colorado

Welcome everyone to Uneven Tenor, a project that aims to make everyone happier through travel, literature and history.  I hope you take the time to peruse the site a bit and become familiar with what this whole thing is about.   While there is not yet any blog content on the site (aside from some riveting test posts), there’s a lot of other content to check out, like the map and the “about” page.  While you’re exploring, feel free to leave comments after any of the content–this project is largely about engaging people around the world, so if you have anything to say about Uneven Tenor, do so!

Reasons to check back often:

    • There’s not a lot of travel-related things for me to blog about just yet, but in the coming months you can expect some larger pieces about how to prepare for a trip this big, the art of leaving, and some cool history lessons about Richard Halliburton and travel.  Yes, that’s right, cool history lessons.
    • The wishlist will grow and change, and hopefully some cool discussions will develop around it.
    • More destinations will be added to the map as I flesh out my non-Halliburton-related travel goals.

On a final note, be sure to check out and like the Uneven Tenor official Facebook page.  I’ll use that site to post shorter, sillier updates a la “did you know ___ isn’t even a country anymore?!?”, notifications about changes on this website, interesting tidbits about Richard, and more pictures as I come across them.

Thanks for reading!  Glad to have you along on the adventure!

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